Our Services

Agency / Brokerage


Our transaction professionals are active in every area of Ottawa, optimally positioning and marketing commercial properties and uncovering hidden opportunities for clients. Supported by our city wide search research, our real estate professionals provide clients with detailed market intelligence, making every recommendation a local one.


Capital Markets


The cost of capital in merger or acquisition activity is critical to success. We provide clients with creative and tax-advantaged funding solutions through both private and public sources.


Client Solutions


A multifaceted, global organization offering cross-border, multiple service-line solutions to both corporate and investor clients. We treat real estate portfolios holistically, developing strategy-based solutions across a broad range of locations, properties, and business objectives. Through high-level partnerships, we enable our clients to maximize the value of their real estate asset and focus on their core strengths, with the confidence that our experts are tending to every strategic and operational detail.


Global Consulting


The Ottawa Consulting Group offers corporations, professional firms and institutions targeted and highly focused services aimed at improving overall business performance and operational productivity. This is accomplished through the development and implementation of advanced real estate and business solutions.


Practice Groups


Cushman & Wakefield Ottawa’s Practice Groups focus on the unique and often complex requirements of companies in select industries and/or with highly technical real estate assets. Our Practice Groups are multi-disciplinary, geographically diverse, and representative of the firm’s elite professionals in a number of sectors.




No guesswork. No assumptions. No qualifier filled footnotes. Just solid, objective commercial property market intelligence the way you want, where you want it. From award-winning publications to private market studies, our real estate research is known worldwide as the gold standard for property-oriented information on which to base your critical business decisions.


Valuation & Advisory Services


You need to know more than the current value of the “bricks and mortar” involved in a real estate investment. That’s why, in addition to current appraisal and valuation of an investment property, our analysts examine both current and projected economic, demographic, and market conditions that affect real estate before making any recommendations to you. Our sophisticated techniques will guide you in both the advisability and timing of major actions.